Having exploded onto the scene with support from many of the DNB scene’s top DJ’s, Vapour quickly made a name for himself with his original bassline lead dance floor sound which continues to destroy dance floors across the world every weekend. Not only that but Vapour’s tunes are regularly played on the radio airwaves with appearances on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 1Xtra, Kiss FM, Kool FM, Xfm and many many more.

Release’s come thick and fast with a relentless release schedule notched up outside of his own 36 Hertz Recordings imprint covering a broad range of labels including Metalheadz, Reinforced, 31 Records, Critical, Philly Blunt, Dread Recordings and many more. Being a successful solo artist has lead to Vapour performing remix duties for many acts including 4 Hero, Opus III, Top Buzz and Ray Keith to name but a few.

DJ Vapour release’s have topped not only the vinyl sale’s chart’s but also consistently top the Drum N Bass download sales charts. Also gaining huge amounts of club support from Andy C, DJ Hype, Grooverider, Fabio, Randall, Shy FX, Bailey, Crissy criss, Marcus intalex, Doc scott, Micky finn, Kenny ken, Chase and Status, Sub Focus, and DJ Marky to name but a few!

Having huge success releasing on other peoples labels 2007 saw DJ Vapour embark on the launch of his own label “36 Hertz Recordings”. Launching the label to showcase not only his own tracks but to also build new artists in need of exposure 36 Hertz soon become a must buy label for DJ’s across the globe.

With the first release gaining support from Andy C and DJ Hype it flew out of stores and rose to the top of both the vinyl and the download charts cementing the labels place in the DNB scene. Over the years the label has gone from strength to strength with several chart topping album projects and a whole host of killer singles.

Not only a successful producer and label owner DJ Vapour has embarked on a DJ career that has taken him to clubs and festivals all over the planet since first purchasing up a set of turntables in 1992. With a hunger to always provide first class entertainment and cutting edge music DJ Vapour is certainly not afraid to embrace many styles of DNB / Jungle music in his sets which take in the entire spectrum of DNB / Jungle rather than sit in one style. Using the latest technology in his DJ sets to always ensure the best experience for the audience.

Having built a vintage analogue recording studio Vapour continues to look to the future which has lead to the inception and work on a new genre that is being championed on by the 36 Hertz artists and label alongside their DNB release’s. Entitled “Flashback” this fusion of old skool style hardcore and jungle sounds sitting around the 140BPM range has picked up some great support not only by DNB DJ’s but also from outside the scene with B Traits and Skream both picking up on and showcasing the genre on their BBC Radio 1 shows.

Continuing to push the borders both in his own right and with his label DJ Vapour shows no sign of slowing down and keeps the great music flowing.


Non 36 Hertz Releases (Alphabetical):

4 Hero – Mr Kirks Nightmare (Randall & Vapour Remix) – Stepback Sessions
A Sides – Table top (DJ Vapour Remix) – Eastside
Callide – 88 Track (DJ Vapour remix) – System Shock
Code 071 – A London Sumting (Vapour Remix) – Stepback Sessions
Coolhand Flex – Lock Me Up (DJ Vapour Remix) – Stepback Sessions
Crisis Loan – Captains Log (DJ Vapour Remix) – Benefit Beats
De Underground crew – Melody Madness (DJ Vapour remix) – Stepback Sessions
DJ Hybrid – Timeless (DJ Vapour Remix) – Deep In The Jungle
DJ Monk – Deal Wid It (DJ Vapour Remix) – KLP Records
DJ Vapour – Attack Stance – Mac II Recordings
DJ Vapour – Brain and Body – 31 Records
DJ Vapour – Bubblegum Riddim – Benefit Beats
DJ Vapour – Crank – Mac II Recordings
DJ Vapour – Cry Of The Angels – Benefit Beats
DJ Vapour – Dont want to see – 36th Chamber
DJ Vapour – Flys On Shit – Intasound
DJ Vapour – Glucose – Dread
DJ Vapour – Here comes the rain – CIA
DJ Vapour – Karma Club – Inneractive
DJ Vapour – Make Em Bleed – 36th Chamber
DJ Vapour – Mr Mingus – 36th Chamber
DJ Vapour – Natural Mystic – Dread
DJ Vapour – No Smoke – Metalheadz
DJ Vapour – Punch Drunk – Mac II Recordings
DJ Vapour – Razor Bladez – 31 Records
DJ Vapour – Rockit – Mac II Recordings
DJ Vapour – Shampoo – Intasound
DJ Vapour – Sharpside – Inneractive
DJ Vapour – Shut Up – Dread
DJ Vapour – The Magic Roundabout – Mac II Recordings
DJ Vapour – The mask – Dread
DJ Vapour – Working with muppets – 31 Records
DJ Vapour & Jem One – Man Flu – CIA
Don Goliath ft Jamie Irie – Kill Your Sound (DJ Vapour Remix) – Jamie Irie
FBD Project – The Core (DJ Vapour Remix) – Stepback Sessions
Jamal – Screwheadz (Vapour Remix) – 36th Chamber
Jamie Irie & IDavid – Ganjah In The Dancehall (DJ Vapour Remix) – Jamie Irie
Jillian Ann – Confess (DJ Vapour remix) – Jillian Ann
Lennie De Ice – We R I E (Vapour Remix) – Stepback Sessions
Marvelous cain – Dub Plate Style (DJ Vapour Remix) RIQ
Opus 3 – Fine day (DJ Vapour remix) – Loverush Digital
Randall & Vapour – Angels Warning – Mac II Recordings
Randall & Vapour – The Last Stand – Mac II Recordings
Renegade – Dark Soldier (Vapour Remix) – Dread Recordings
Roughcut, Scheme and MC Foxy – Fuck Off (DJ Vapour Remix) – Bounce Recordings
Serum & Vapour – Killing Your Sound – Philly Blunt
Serum & Vapour – Live & Direct – Critical
Serum & Vapour – True calling – Critical
The Skeleton Krew – Luv Ta Luv Ya (DJ Vapour’s Luv Ta Luv A Hater Remix) – Skeleton Records
Tom & Jerry – Maximum Style Vol 2 (Vapour Remix) – Tom & Jerry
Top Buzz – Living In Darkness (Vapours Update Mix) – Basement Records
Total Science – Bustin Loose (Vapour Remix) – CIA
Vinyl Junkie – Dreamers And Schemers (DJ Vapour remix) – Warehouse Wax

36 Hertz Releases:

36HTZ001A – DJ Vapour – Sting in the tail
36HTZ001RA – DJ Vapour – Sting in the tail (cash in on dubstep VIP)
36HTZ002A – DJ Vapour – Porn of the dead
36HTZ002RAA – To The Massive – DJ Vapour Remix
36HTZ004A – DJ Vapour – Terminated
36HTZ005A – DJ Vapour – Paper cuts
36HTZ008A – Babylon timewarp – Durban poison (DJ Vapour remix)
36HTZ01003 – Dawn raid ft Leanne – Breakdown – (DJ Vapour remix)
36HTZ016A – DJ Vapour & Jem One – Promises Promises
36HTZ016AA – DJ Vapour – The Lone Ranger
36HTZ016AAA – DJ Vapour – Evil Never Dies
36HTZ016AAAA – DJ Vapour – Interface
36HTZ017A – DJ Vapour – The Fresh Prince
36HTZ017AA – DJ Vapour – Devils Tingles
36HTZ019A – DJ Vapour – Mr Motivator
36HTZ019AA – DJ Vapour – Airplane Riddim
36HTZ020A1 – DJ Vapour – Life’s Reality
36HTZ021A1 – DJ Vapour – Bloodclart Killer
36HTZ021A2 – DJ Vapour – All My
36HTZ021A3 – DJ Vapour – Day After Day
36HTZ021A4 – DJ Vapour – Stink Riddim
36HTZ021A5 – DJ Vapour – Pushed
36HTZ021A6 – DJ Vapour – 92
36HTZ024A1 – DJ Vapour – Into Darkness
36HTZ024A2 – DJ Vapour – Roaches And Ting
36HTZ030A3 – DJ Vapour – Never Feel
36HTZ031A3 – ESP – Spread Love (DJ Vapour Remix)
36HTZ035A2 – DJ Vapour – Vlad The Impaler
36HTZ036A07 – DJ Vapour – Trick Baby
36HTZ037A1 – DJ Vapour – Feel The Vibe
36HTZ038A1 – DJ Vapour – Iceberg Slim
36HTZ038A2 – DJ Vapour – Selassie Riddim
36HTZ045A1 – DJ Vapour – Beat Root Juice
36HTZ049A1 – DJ Vapour – Obnoxious
36HTZ049A2 – DJ Vapour – Shottas (Jungle Flashback Mix)
36HTZ049A3 – DJ Vapour – Street Knowledge
36HTZ049A4 – DJ Vapour – Search for Secrets
36HTZ050A1 – DJ Vapour – Anti Gravity
36HTZ050A2 – DJ Vapour – Tunnel Vision
36HTZ052A1 – DJ Vapour – Red Arrow
36HTZ052A2 – DJ Vapour – The Holy Haribo
36HTZ057A1 – DJ Vapour – Nightmare Calling
36HTZ057A2 – DJ Vapour – Sublime Rhythm
36HTZ057A3 – DJ Vapour – Warrior Sunshine
36HTZ057A4 – DJ Vapour – 92 (The 93 Darkcore Revisit)
36HTZ058A1 – DJ Vapour – Rhythm Flow
36HTZ058A2 – DJ Vapour – Bunker Buster
36HTZ064A1 – DJ Vapour – Vicious
36HTZ064A2 – Dj Vapour – Turn Up
36HTZ068A1 – DJ Vapour – Let Off
36HTZ068A2 – DJ Vapour – I Want You
36HTZLP001A1 – DJ Vapour – Cut paper (Paper cuts vip)
36HTZLP001A2 – DJ Vapour – Step in the gutter
36HTZLP001B2 – DJ Vapour – Natty rocker
36HTZLP001C2 – DJ Vapour – Transmissions
36HTZLP001D2 – DJ Vapour – The one inch punch
36HTZLP002-01 – DJ Vapour – Generic pointless intro track
36HTZLP002-02 – DJ Vapour – Pussy Killer
36HTZLP002-03 – DJ Vapour & Soul intent – Crazy life
36HTZLP002-04 – DJ Vapour – Dub bass
36HTZLP002-05 – DJ Vapour ft Jasmine knight – Wont let you feel
36HTZLP002-06 – DJ Vapour – A taste of things to come
36HTZLP002-07 – DJ Vapour – Blue notes
36HTZLP002-08 – DJ Vapour & Hades
36HTZLP002-09 – DJ Vapour – They dont know
36HTZLP002-10 – DJ Vapour & Panache MC – Jungle guy
36HTZLP002-11 – Blind man playing cricket in a lighthouse
36HTZLP005PT1A3 – DJ Vapour – The 70 pound turkey
36HTZLP005PT2A3 – DJ Vapour – Screwdriver
36HTZLP007-A2 – DJ Vapour – Barry Badman
36HTZLP008A3 – DJ Vapour – Electric shock
36HTZLP008A6 – DJ Vapour – Sauna Shaker
36HTZLP01201 – DJ Vapour – Bubbles
36HTZLP01202 – DJ Vapour – Give It To Me
36HTZLP01203 – DJ Vapour – Touch
36HTZLP01204 – DJ Vapour – Eats Shoots and Leaves
36HTZLP01205 – DJ Vapour – Rude Boy Sound (ft Jamie Irie)
36HTZLP01206 – DJ Vapour – Global Connection
36HTZLP01207 – DJ Vapour – Ghosts
36HTZLP01208 – DJ Vapour – Earthquake
36HTZLP01209 – DJ Vapour – Pickled Liver
36HTZLP012010 – DJ Vapour – Jailbreak (ft Tommie Radford)


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